Butterfly Wall Art and Decor

Butterfly wall art is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home while creating a sunny state of mind.

That's not surprising since people across the world report butterflies increase feelings of peace, inspiration, and happiness...

Do you feel surrounded by boring, uninspired walls?

Butterfly art and decor can add ambiance to any room in your home including bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and most any room that occupies your time...don't forget the oft-ignored bathroom!

Hanging art isn't restricted to indoor use though. Butterfly themed
garden art is a great way to add more flair to your garden wall.

But why would you want "art" butterflies outside when you can see the real thing? Because you never know when you'll come across a live butterfly, and sometimes it can seem like an eternity between sightings.

Butterfly art gives you the opportunity to enjoy butterflies any time, in any season...even 10pm December 21st, at the North Pole!

butterfly garden wall artAmerican Flag Metal Wall Art

It's also a welcome unique gift idea for both art collectors and butterfly lovers who are deserving of your "nice" list.

Our goal is to bring you the best collection of butterfly wall art available online. This includes metal art, butterfly paintings, fine art photography, wall sculptures and more...

Take a little time to flutter around ButterflyWalls.com and see if we might have the perfect solution to light up a room in your life.


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