Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract art paintings add both ambiance and a mystery to any room. While some butterflies are more obvious than others, these butterfly paintings are all capable of being a stunning centerpiece for any room that needs a little brightening.

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A Butterfly Discovers Tropical Flower Bliss

The tropics come alive in this abstract art featuring nature's perfect combination.

Beautiful black and red Abstract butterfly On Tropical Flowers oil painting
Butterfly on Tropical Flowers
Ginette Callaway
16x20 Stretched Canvas Print
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  • an explosion of lush tropical beauty inside your home
  • a black, blue, and red streaked butterfly subtley weaved into the scene
  • a fine piece for your bedroom, the living room, or to brighten a hallway
  • also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

A Tiger Swallowtail on Honeysuckle

An exquisite swallowtail is the perfect remedy for the blahs when you're stuck inside on a rainy day...or for an entire Minnesota winter!

Abstract Tiger Swallowtail on Honeysuckle abstract painting
Butterfly on Honeysuckle - Oil Painting
Ginette Callaway
20x24 Stretched Canvas Print
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  • A giant swallowtail commands your attention as it flys through a forest
  • soft orange, pink, and white capture the feeling of fragrant honeysuckle
  • also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

A Monarch Butterfly On Lupines

The beloved monarch butterfly becomes one with her object of desire...sweet nectar filled Lupine!

Monarch Butterfly Art abstract Painting
Monarch Butterfly on Lupines
Ginette Callaway
20x24 Oil Painting Giclee Print
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  • A Majestic fire orange and black monarch outlined in spotted white
  • an array of pastel colored flowers that takes your mind to a sunny spring day
  • also available in other sizes ~ smaller and larger

Ginette Callaway is a self-taught artist who was originally a high tech graphic designer. However, her creative soul found that medium a bit boring, so she followed her passion to oil painting and watercolor . Her paintings are collected in more than 400 homes around the world. Ms. Callaway currently resides in Georgia,U.S.