Abstract Art Prints

Abstract art prints have exploded in popularity over the years as reproduction techniques have improved to the point of museum quality.

An original print is creately solely by hand. Sometimes the artist's assistant, or artisan, may be responsible for most of the work.

However, the plates and stencils they use for reproduction can never duplicate the exact original, which means every print is uniquely original.

Other abstract art wall hangings are digitally reproduced using materials and techniques suitable for a museum gallery display. Prints have definitely come a long way...see for yourself!

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~ All of the proceeding prints are available in multiple sizes and with or without frame. Click any print to see further details.~

Bursting Butterfly Nebula

An out of this world butterfly resembles a nebula with its moody dark patches and brilliant points of light.

Butterfly Nebula framed print
Butterfly Nebula
Corey Ford
11x12 Framed Art Print
Butterfly Nebula From Art.com
  • moody coloring and bright lights emulate a space butterfly
  • interesting design captures attention, making this a fitting centerpiece
  • coventry black wood frame is the perfect accent ~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Purple Passion Butterfly

Bring the beauty of a lush forest into your living room or other prime area.

Purple Passion Butterfly Print
A purple passion butterfly lands on pink flowers
Roy Toft
49x39 Fine Art Framed Print
Purple Passion Butterfly Framed art
  • a beautiful sight as a butterfly's colors blend with plant and flowers.
  • digitally printed on high quality archival photographic paper
  • black wood frame complements butterfly markings ~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

The Ultimate Abstract Butterfly Wall Art

This abstract art print set to earth tones is an interesting conversation piece.

abstract butterfly photographic print
Butterfly 3
Rabi Khan
20x24 Photographic Print
abstract butterfly print From Art.com
  • somehow this abstract masterpiece emotes butterfly spirit without true form
  • recommended frame black, although portico gold is worth a look!
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Vintage Butterfly Chair

This gorgeous gigclee art print is a butterfly chair twice over!

Vintage butterfly chair giclee print
Vintage Butterfly Chair
Lisa Weedn
9x12 Giclee Print
vintage butterfly chair print
  • a black butterfly chair with white abstract butterflies
  • choose from a variety of beautiful black frames to make this print pop
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller and larger