Abstract Wall Art

Butterflies make interesting subjects for abstract wall art. With their colorful and intricate designs, adding abstract to the mix makes them strangely familiar, or sometimes, less obvious...

Abstract Monarch Butterfly ArtAbstract Monarch Butterfly Art

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In case you have any lingering questions, here is your abstract answer to
what is abstract art?

While many people first think of paintings when someone mentions abstract art, abstraction lends it self to other forms of artistic expression:


Abstract Art Paintings

This is probably the most popular abstract form of butterfly art and there are thousands of these butterfly paintings available for your walls as-is, or fully framed if you prefer your art ready-to-hang.

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Metal Art

Over the past decade there has been a rising surge of interest in adorning walls with unique metal wall art. And the collection to choose from has not disappointed in recent years. Metal art creators have created both more & more creative pieces to liven up your walls.

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Abstract Art Prints

While prints refer to paintings, there are also photographic butterfly prints. As a butterfly photographer, I have not yet journeyed into this area of photography purposely, but...sometimes a kodak mistake can create beautiful abstract art.

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