Best Gifts for Mom

Some of the best gifts for mom can be wall art but this page contains a few off the wall suggestions that could be great mothers day gift ideas or even birthday gifts for mom.

If you're set on finding a great piece of butterfly wall art for her try looking at our best art or garden wall art pages.

Otherwise, check out these unique quality butterfly gift ideas that won't flutter off with too much of your hard earned cash. Another benefit of these unique gift ideas is that they are all available for expedited shipping for any last minute shoppers...not you of course!


~ To see larger pictures or get more info about a piece of artwork, click on the appropriate photo or underlined text. ~

Sweet Gardening Pleasures Gift Basket

Everything mom needs to create a wondrous wildflower garden.

  • uniquely shaped planting basket can hang on a fence
  • makes a wonderful garden gift
  • Comes with flower seeds, gardening gloves, and decorative tools
  • Includes a few delectable goodies for mom's sweet tooth
  • expedited shipping available

Blossoming Spirits Butterfly Scarf

A beautiful whimsical scarf that celebrates the magic of spring.

  • Designed by Laurel Burch
  • measures 53" x 11"
  • choose from two different versionsRich and vibrant colors
  • a fantastic butterfly gift for her
  • expedited shipping available

Butterfly Art Folding Umbrella

A beautifully designed butterfly umbrella that's also very high quality.

  • brighten your day in the middle of a rain storm
  • easy to open and close ~ built in mechanism
  • extremely sturdy and long lasting ~ won't lose to the wind
  • expedited shipping available