Domain Name Ideas

You've created a list of domain name ideas that could fill a small book. This is, of course, after finding a viable niche with lots of potential through the reasearch process defined in the SBI action guide.

Wait, what's that? You haven't done any reasearch but you want to choose your domain name now so it's still available when you get to that point?...

Please read this now and come back when you're'll be sooooooooo glad you avoided this common mistake!

So now that you've thoroughly researched your niche, it's time to begin the search for your domain name.

These are some tips to keep in mind that will help you to come up with a domain that works for you by getting you higher google rankings and more search traffic.



Cool Domain Names VS Keyword Rich

Keyword Rich domain names

This can be a contentious topic in the sbi forums. I think I can present the argument for keyword rich domain names in one sentence:

No one will search for your brand name if they've never heard of it.

Which brings us to the first domain name ideas rule:

Tip #1- Site theme keyword must be in domain

I know, rules are for followers! However, this is an easy rule to heed. I promise...

While some may argue and show examples of successful sites with exclusive "branding" names, it is easier to build a high ranking site if your theme keyword is in the domain. I have heard this from sbier's with multiple sites that have tried it both ways.

However, that doesn't mean you can't have your proverbial domain cake and eat it too. You can easily "brand" yourself by placing an additional keyword before or after your site theme keyword. Many SBIers do this with great success.

Tip #2- Try to have two relevant keywords in the domain

This is not a hard rule, but if you use another keyword for your extra branding word, you have a domain that is both more descriptive and can eventually rank you higher in the search engines for that additional keyword phrase.

Also there is never a reason to use wasted words in your domain name ideas. Words like my, a, they really add anything to your domain??

Tip #3- Don't go over 4 words unless...

Yes, another soft rule with exceptions. If your keyword phrase is 4 words and the exact isn't available you don't have much of a choice. In most cases 4 words is an easily attainable goal and makes things easier for your site visitors to remember. It also appears more professional in many people's eyes. Does that look professional to you?

Tip #4- Hyphens are a personal preference

There has been a lot of discussion on this in the SBI forums and after reading posts and asking several SBI owners I've come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter.

My domain is not because I preferred it, but because a domain squatter is holding it for ransom...for $700.00! After talking to a couple people who had been in the same situation I felt comfortable choosing the hyphenated domain and using as the redirected domain that site visitors can type in the browser. This is not the perfect situation but problem solved and...I still have my $700!

Tip #5- You are never desperate for a good domain unless you choose to be

If this is your first site, you are going to feel, at some point, overwhelmed by this process. Many find a great niche, come up with great domain name ideas, and then feel crushed when every idea is taken.

This is nothing to be even remotely upset about...why?

There is another domain out there that is just as good if not better. You just need to be creative and find it.

Also, what's ultimately imortant as time goes on is the content of your site. Look at keyword absent domains like amazon and ebay!

I feel like I could write another few pages on this topic, but you've got decisions to make and a site to build. Paralysis by analysis is never a good thing!

Just keep these points in mind when considering domain name ideas, and you'll come up with a solution to make you, the search engines, and your site vistors all happy online campers. Good luck with your new venture!