Glass Wall Art

Glass Wall Art with ButterfliesGlass Wall Art Butterflies

It only seems appropriate that the fragile winged butterfly be etched in glass wall art designs. This delicate combination brings us breathtaking artwork.

Unlike more traditional types of wall art, the glass variation can help to preserve the beauty of your artwork by shielding it from dust and uncleansed hands!


Besides offering elemental protection, glass can also be used in the creation itself, whether it's stained glass art or hand blown glassterpieces:

Stained Glass Designs

Butterfly Art integrates effortlessly with stained glass artwork as both subject and art form are known for their vividly alluring colors.

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Stained Glass Gifts

My search for stained glass gifts turned up most of the usual suspects, but I was also surprised and inspired by some of these enchanting and unique butterfly gifts that are sure to please both butterfly and art lovers.

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Mirror Wall Art

Butterflies can't help but make looking in the mirror a more beautiful experience. Some designs feature winged wonders fluttering across the mirror surface, while others surround it with a brilliant butterfly border.

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