Inspirational Wall Art

Inspirational wall art doesn't always need words to inspire. That's where butterflies come in.

There are times last summer I stood silently in the butterfly garden, in awe of what was going on around me.

I witnessed butterflies gliding through the air in colored brilliance searching for sweet nectar filled flowers to perch on. The combination of flowers and butterflies is a magical combination to behold, courtesy of mother nature.

The artwork below is art inspired by nature, and in turn, creates a vision that inspires us right back.

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~ All of the following prints are available in multiple sizes and with or without frame. Click any print to see further details.~

Inspirational Squares II

Butterflies, flowers, and single words of inspiration to start your day.

inspirational kitchen wall art with butterflies
Inspirational Squares II
16x16 Giclee Print
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  • Colorful panels of butterflies and flowers ~ colorful kitchen wall art
  • Single word inspirations of hope, dream and believe.
  • suggested frame ~ brown: chelsea honey~ other frames available
  • print also available in other sizes ~ larger

Become. Butterfly.

Sometimes the simplest message can be the most inspirational to a child.

Girls Pink Wall Art with Butterfly
Peter Horjus
10x10 Fine Art Ar...
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  • green butterfly on vibrant pink background inspiring her to become
  • beautiful childrens wall art or baby wall art for young girls
  • suggested frame ~ brown: cranbrook maple~ other frames available

Touch of Blue ~ Hope

Pretty Antique style inspirational wall art print with orange streaked butterly and jumbo blue flower.

antique style butterfly wall art print
Touch of Blue III, Hope
Katie Pertiet
12x12 Fine Art Art Print
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  • print has an antique country feel and resembles a classic handwritten letter
  • high quality paper and printing for a vivid reproduction
  • suggested frames ~ middlefield silver wood frame ~ other frames avail.

Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day

Each day is filled with great opportunities. All you have to do is seize them.

Inspirational wall art with butterflies and inspirational quotes
Carpe Diem
12x36 Fine ...
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  • mood brightener ~ great bathroom wall art, kitchen wall art
  • blue summer skies and many messages of inspiration
  • high quality paper and printing for a vivid reproduction
  • suggested frame- black wood frame ~ other frames avail.