Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen wall art could arguably be called the most important butterfly wall art you hang in-home. That's because it's often the first room of the day that you spend significant time in.

If you're like me, you prefer to start each day on a bright and sunny note so that it (hopefully) carries through the rest of your day. The right kitchen wall decor can go a long way in achieving that goal.

I've chosen some pieces here than can't help but put a smile on your face at the start of each morning, or when your drying off the last dish from dinner.


~ The proceeding prints are available in multiple sizes, and with or without frame. Click any print for further details. ~

Butterfly Tree

There's no such thing as a butterfly tree, but this vividly colored dream print shows the radiant beauty of an artist's imagination and gives you the feeling that each new day is filled with possibility...

Butterfly tree photographic print
butterfly tree
David Rickerd
20x24 Photographic Print
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  • printed on archival photographic paper for vivid color and museum quality
  • A large group of brilliantly colorful butterflies against a picturesque landscape background.
  • suggested frame- Soho Black~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Painted Lady Butterfly ~ Golden Retriever

Is it really possible to look at this adorable print and exit your kitchen in a grouchy mood? I'm guessing it's next to impossible!

Painted lady butterfly sitting on a golden retriever puppy's nose
Golden Retriever with Butterfly on Hi...
12x16 Photographic Print
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  • A colorful painted lady butterfly spreads her wings on a cute puppy's nose
  • a good kitchen decor selection if you like starting your day off with a smile
  • suggested frame ~ soho black OR chelsea black ~ other frames available
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

More Top Notch Kitchen Wall Decor

Besides art prints, there are also other types of kitchen wall art including metal wall art, glass wall art, and even vinyl wall decals. Like a good breakfast, beautiful kitchen butterflies will put a smile on your face and can be the wind beneath your wings as you rise to embrace a new day.