Large Wall Art

Adding large wall art to a room is a great way to make a bold statement inside your home, garden, or place of work. Large wall hangings are becoming quite popular for kitchen wall Art, garden wall art, and bedroom wall art. Of course, don't limit yourself to our suggestions since art is about expressing your creative self!

However, if you decide to feature metal wall art above your bed please make sure that it is carefully secured! Once in place, these pieces add dimension, depth, and style to any space.


~ The proceeding prints are available in the large print sizes below, and smaller ones to accommodate less wall space.~

Landscape with Butterflies

Butterflies flutter across an unfamiliar landscape in this artwork from master surrealist Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali Butterflies
Landscape with Butterflies
Salvador Dali
32x24 Fine Art Print Large
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  • the familar beauty of butterflies against a puzzling background
  • put this in any room that needs a conversational centerpiece ~ dining room?
  • suggested frames- Soho Black~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Butterflies of the World

A print of a chart that is both visually stunning and educationally relevant.

Butterflies of the world chart fine art print
Butterflies of the World Chart
36x24 Fine Art Print
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  • A large variety of brilliant butterflies includes common and scientific names
  • an appropriate selection for both adults and kids wall art~ for any room in need of a color infusion
  • suggested frame ~ soho black OR Rhapsody Espresso~ other frames available
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Large Metal Wall Art

The pieces below are either handcrafted creations or vinyl wall art. The handcrafted items are superior quality and vinyl is popular as it is easily removable.