Motivational Posters

Butterflies make compelling subjects for motivational posters. One common thread when people talk about butterflies is how inspiring they are and that they can motivate one to change for the better.

Maybe it's their stunning beauty, or the fact that through metamorphosis they undergo awe-inspiring change in such a short period. Do you ever wish you could do the same?

Butterflies effortlessly glide from flower to flower, garden to garden, and country to country embracing their opportunity for freedom and change.

Monarch butterflies amaze us every year when they somehow know to migrate thousands of miles to an enchanted mexican forest...where millions of their brothers and sisters will be right their to embrace them with open wings.

Those are the qualities that make butterflies popular objects for inspirational art.

The art featured here includes photos or images of butterflies coupled with inspirational quotes for women or motivational sayings that create artwork filled with emotion and purpose.

These motivational posters are a reminder that each new day brings opportunities to make choices that will bring more peace, love, and happiness into your life.


~ All of the following prints are available in multiple sizes and with or without frame. Click any print to see further details.~

Love Isn't Love Until...

You give it away! Start the day off right with country inspired kitchen wall art with an important message.

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Love Isn't Love
Conrad Knutsen
8x20 Fine Art Print
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  • loving yourself is important, but this inspirational poster reminds us what it's really all about.
  • takes up little width so it can fit in places traditional posters can't
  • suggested frame ~ soho espresso wood frame~ other frames available
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller

Happiness ~ Black Swallowtail

Exquisite butterfly photography helps to remind us what truly makes us happy.

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Scott Kuehn
8x10 Photographic print
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  • A black swallowtail butterfly finds sweet nectar in a lavender flower
  • motivational posters also available as a stretched canvas print
  • suggested frame ~ allegro bronze frame ~ other frames available
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Butterfly Gift of Love

Start off every day by remembering the greatest give you have to offer.

gift of love motivational butterfly poster
Gift of Love
Jo Moulton
12x12 Fine Art Art Print
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  • rustic and rich print is a great addition for bathroom wall art, halls, or living room
  • has the feeling of the country and small town values
  • suggested frame- soho black wood frame ~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Cherish Life's Simple Pleasure

Here's a message that many of us forget on a daily basis when feeling overwhelmed by life's complications. Here's a way to never forget...

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Cherish Life's Simple Pleasures
Kathy Middlebrook
12x12 Fine Art Art Print
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  • an open winged male monarch feasts on showy purple butterfly bush
  • high quality paper and printing for a vivid reproduction
  • suggested frames ~ middlefield gold frame or silver ~ other frames avail.

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