Niche Ideas

When I started my sbi website I didn't have any solid niche ideas. I was fairly new to the world of creating websites and there was so much information to digest...I was 100% sure that I'd forget something vital and end up a total online failure. Maybe you feel the same way?

I'm not here to lie and tell you building websites is easy. I am here to tell you that using SBI to build an online business is the best step by step process you can follow to make your online dream a reality.

One of the biggest reasons people fail at building an online business is that they choose a bad website theme, or niche.

Why do they choose bad niche ideas? The majority do so because they neglect to read the sbi action guide.... "it's too much information!"

If that's your attitude, then I regret to inform you this probably is not your calling in life. This path is not for everyone.

If you are someone who's not afraid of hard work and your goal is to earn the freedom to be your own boss, then keep reading so you can avoid making a mistake that can only be fixed by starting over....choosing a bad niche!


8 crucial tips for choosing a 40k/per year niche

money making niches

1. Go through Days 1-5 of the Action Guide....then do it again!

Sounds like a lot of reading/watching videos? It is. But the good news is that you can do it at your own pace. Rome wasn't built in a day and either will your website! The sooner you grasp this the more peaceful your thoughts will be.

There is a ton of great info in the AG and you will miss some of it the first time around because you're tired, the phone's ringing, screaming kids, etc.... When you go through it again you'll pick up some more important details and a concept will "click" that you didn't quite get the first time.

2. Find something you love- then find a way to make it work

One common thread you'll find among most successful SBIers is the passion they have for their website topic. Why is this? It's simply becasue most people are not willing to put in the amount of work it takes to create a successful website unless they have a passion for the topic.

Like many, you may discount your passions before you even research them. Don't make that mistake. You may be surprised what thorough research can uncover...a way to make a living doing something you actually love....and that's NOT a job.

3. Don't cast a blind eye to the numbers

No matter how hard you try, there will be niche ideas that will never work. In those cases, don't get mad and cast your research data aside. As painful as that moment of realization is, it's far more painful to proceed with a bad niche idea.

If your goal is to have a hobby than you have that luxury. If your goal is to build a successful online business, than you need to be honest to avoid certain failure and wasting your valuable time. The good news is, almost everyone has at least one interest or hobby that can be a viable business idea.

Lastly, there are those people who can buckle down and put their nose to the grindstone even when they're not feeling inspired about the content. If you can and choose to do that...GREAT! Just realize that it will be more of a daily grind than a daily blessing.

4. Choose a niche, not a hopelessly large category to "get more traffic"

In search browsers, people across the globe are searching for specific items and not general terms. Again and again, I see people in the forums afraid that their site theme is not going to bring in enough traffic. Their solution? To be more inclusive and take on a more general site topic. Here is proof that you don't need to do this.

A successful SBIer has 3 sites. Here are the site themes: 1. Parties 2. Kids birthday parties 3. Birthday Cakes

Which site gets the most traffic? Would you be surprised to learn it's the birthday cakes site? And the least traffic goes to parties. People want specifics.

Remember, before was everything, it was books. Focused niche ideas bring expansion opportunities down the line. It doesn't usually work the other way around...

5. Study successful SBI sites and figure out why their niches work

Even though the site themes you come across may not be even remotely related, the more SBI sites you study the more you'll see common traits that their niche markets possess. As you research examples of niche ideas, take notes on what those common traits are.

Before you decide on your site topic, try to assess how many of those commonalities your niche idea possesses. If the answer is most of them you may just be on to something!

6. Make sure you site categories (T2) contain your site theme word!

When google crawls your site, it tries to assess what your site is about. The more consistent your site content is, the faster you'll rise in the search engines. I have heard this directly from several successful sbi'ers with multiple sites.

If you're trying to decide between two site concepts, see how many category keywords contain your site theme keyword. It worked for me as I was trying to decide between Wall Art & Butterfly Art. The choice became crystal clear after seeing how many "wall art" keywords there were.

Go with the numbers and build a consistent theme content website based on what people are searching for.

7. Do NOT make decisions based on feedback from outsiders...

Who do I mean by outsiders? People that do not understand the SBI process. This is most of the people in your life including friends and family!

I'm not saying they won't have some good niche ideas that deserve further consideration. But if they aren't familiar with the research process that goes into choosing a niche it's very likely they will lead you into the wrong direction.

I think this happens to a lot of people because they trust and value the opinions of friends and family. That's usually a good thing, but not in this circumstance. Ask their opinions, but let research and expert advice guide your final decision.

8. Money, Money, Money, Money...Money Making Niches!

So you've found one or more niche ideas with lots of traffic and tightly focused keywords. But there's one thing you must do before forging ahead. Make sure the people in your target market are actually looking to buy something.

There are some niches where people are only seeking free information. If you're the only person trying to charge for that information, your site visitors will find that info elsewhere.

Assessing your niche's monetization potential is covered in-depth in the SBI action guide. Getting a handle on the money aspect is crucial before making your final site theme decision. Money making niches are the difference between cleaning the yacht and sailing off on one. Choose wisely.

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