Outdoor Metal Wall Art

Outdoor metal wall art is an excellent way to add more accents and ambience to both your yard and garden.

This type of outdoor metal yard art is resistant to the elements and can be easily attached to garden walls, doors, garages... even trees!

Having outdoor metal butterflies is a way to insure you'll always have butterflies to enjoy in your yard. Nature's version isn't always so cooperative.

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Metal Butterflies Hand Painted

Beautiful hand painted butterflies of all types for your garden wall art.

hand painted butterfly outdoor metal wall artoutdoor metal wall art with butterflies
  • 29" high x 5" wide
  • colorfully hand painted with quality
  • easily attached to wall with a nail

Butterfly On a Branch

A captivating blue morpho butterfly on a branch by artist Mark Malizia.

blue morpho butterfly outdoor metal wall artblue butterfly outdoor metal wall art
  • Vibrant blue wings make wall come alive
  • 14" x 16" ~ just 3 lbs
  • hand crafted and hand finished
  • easy to hang and clean

Butterfly With Brown Beads

A unique hand crafted wire mesh design that makes a terrific conversation piece.

outdoor metal wall art butterfly with brown beadsbrown beaded butterfly outdoor metal wall art
  • quality powder coated steel design for garden
  • 33.9" x 24 x 2.4...weighs just 2 lbs.
  • durable metal construction ~ 32.5 x 33"
  • metal wall decor includes hook for hanging

Monarch Butterfly Orange Wall Hanging

This hand painted orange monarch is a brilliant accent for yard and garden.

outdoor metal wall art monarch butterflymonarch butterfly outdoor metal wall art
  • hand cut from 55 gallon steel drums
  • 12" x 14"
  • wings lifted for a more realistic look
  • comes with a hanger on the back