Red Admiral Butterfly

The red admiral butterfly has vibrant contrasting colors that make it a masterpiece to behold both outside or on your indoor butterfly wall.

This specific species prefers rotten fruit over nectar, but thankfully there are times when it must make due by sipping nutrients from a picturesque flower.

For those of you interested in the life cycle of a butterfly, don't forget to scroll to the bottom for a transformative piece of educational artwork.

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~ Some of the proceeding prints are available in multiple sizes and with or without frame. Click any print to see further details.~

The Vanessa Atalanta

A gorgeous adult admiral is captured sipping nectar from a pink delight butterfly bush.

Vanessa Atalanta Art Print
Red Admiral Butterfly, Vanessa Atalanta
Oxford Scientific
31x25 Fine Art Framed Art
Buy From Art.com
  • true butter-perfection shines through on this perfect-winged subject
  • you can almost smell the fragrant butterfly bush from a warm summer day
  • framed for your convenience and ready to hang! ~ soho black wood frame

Black Butterfly on Yellow Bush

A beautiful art print ready to hang or gift to a nature lover.

Red Admiral on Yellow Butterfly Bush
Red Admiral on Butterfly Bush Leaf,
Jamie & Judy Wild
22x18 Framed Art
Buy From Art.com
  • brilliant yellow wildflower background complements dark black markings
  • size and colorings are great for bathroom wall art or the kitchen
  • comes as a framed art print ~ Chelsea Black Wood Frame

Butterfly Life Cycle ~ Red Admirals Style

A unique vintage print showing a full butterflies metamorphosis.

Red Admiral Butterfly Life Cycle Poster Print
Epps's Nature Series ~ Transformation
18x24 Giclee Print
Buy From Art.com
  • A vintage print for you and an educational tool for the kids
  • an artistic representation of the circle of life on a stinging nettle
  • suggested frames ~ soho black or allegro bronze~ other frames avail.
  • print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

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