Types of Art

If you who prefer butterfly art of a certain medium, this page will feature different types of art including (hopefully) your favorite type of wall art!

By type we mean the physical make-up of the artwork and the materials that go into creating it. Since art is an industry built on creativity, we realize that new art types are continuously emerging so please let us know if you have a favorite type of art you feel should be celebrated on this page.

black and white butterfly wall art setsTwo Panel Butterfly Wall Art Set

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Large Wall Art


Therere's nothing quite like large wall art when you're going for maximum dramtatic room effect. Some popular areas to place large artwork around your home are above doorways or above your bed.

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Kitchen Wall Art


It's the place where we cook, dine, and connect with family and friends so it's important that your kitchen promotes a happy social atmosphere. Kitchen wall decor can going a long way in achieving that ambiance your striving to create.

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Wall Art Sets


Wall art sets can imply a couple different things. First off, a set can include multiple piece of artwork along a general theme. The second option is one large piece of art divided into several wall art panels.

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Butterfly Posters


Butterfly posters are suprisingly popular, and not just for childrens wall art. Much of the butterfly poster market includes office wall art and motivational art for adults.

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Cheap Wall Art


For those of you seeking quality art on a budget check out some of these affordable solutions.

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