Types of Butterflies

There are over 15,000 types of butterflies worldwide and this page was created to showcase the most popular species and the gorgeous artwork they've inspired.

We've taken your favorite butterflies and categorized them for your browsing convenience. You'll find that the most popular butterflies often inspire the most creations, giving you more quality art to choose from. Let us know if you have favorite kinds of butterflies you feel deserve their own page, as we're continually adding to this list.


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Monarch Butterflies

monarch butterfly bogonia

The monarch butterfly is probably the most popular species of butterfly around the world and certainly in places such as the United States, Canada and Australia. This stunning Halloween colored creation, brought to you by mother nature, also inspires us in other ways...

click here to see monarch butterfly art and to learn amazing facts

Blue Morpho Butterfly

blue morpho butterfly

This tropical beauty has wings that appear vibrant blue when reflected by sunlight. The wings are outlined in dark black to create a stunning contrast. This species inspires some of the most brilliant butterfly wall art available today.

click here to see the vibrant blue morpho and find out what color its wings really are

Pink Butterflies

black swallowtail on pink background

black butterfly with pink wing markings

Pink butterflies...Really? Well, not exactly... but through creation with paint and photoshop artists and artisans are able to mold your fantasy butterfly. There are also a select few colorful butterflies that do have pink markings on their butterfly wings.

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Red Admiral Butterfly

Red admiral butterfly on pink zinnia

Red admirals take great pictures as their dark markings contrast beautifully on bright flowers.

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Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Tiger swallowtail on pink zinnia

There are various types of tiger swallowtail butterflies (depending on your region) but common traits include yellow and black tiger striped wings and gorgeous whimsical tails extending from the bottom wings. These are probably the most common butterflies you'll find as art subjects.

click here to see the tiger swallowtail in its natural habitat

Although there are more species of butterflies than we could cover on one page, a deeper meaning of butterfly symbolism can be applied to all.