Valentines Gift Ideas

Here are some valentines gift ideas guaranteed not to wilt in a couple days or be consumed within a week, hence ruining another New Year's resolution!

These valentine gift ideas for women, such as a wife or girlfiend, are something she can savor and enjoy for years to come. Women who enjoy butterflies, nature wall art, and gardening should be especially appreciative of these unique gift ideas for wife or girlfriend.


~ All of the proceeding prints are available in multiple sizes and with or without frame. Click any print to see further details.~

Love is Like a Butterfly

A contemporary gem with a unique blend of flowers, butterflies, and a heart felt message. Subtle background imagery reveals new life with each passing glance.

Love is like a butterfly contemporary print with message
Love Is Like a Butterfly
Anna Flores
37x37 Fine Art Framed Print
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  • contemporary art featuring butterflies and flowers
  • softly weathered heirloomed appearance ~ hidden words interlaced
  • manchester silver wood frame in a foil finish ~ other frames avail.
  • butterfly art print also available in other sizes ~ smaller or larger

Butterflies In Love

Two tropical butterflies carry on the circle of life.

Two mating tropical butterflies photographic print
Two Butterflys in Love
Joe Hipp
8x10 Photographic print
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  • two black, red, and white butterflies joined together in love
  • bring some gorgeous outdoor summer scenery inside ~ brighten the mood
  • suggested frame ~ something in black to complement the butterflies
  • also available as 5 x 9 stretched canvas print

Butterfly Love by Vickie Fisher

This bright and vibrant print is sure to make any room come alive with happiness.

Butterfly love art print with a vivid rainbow of colors
Butterfly Love
Vickie Fisher
20x24 Photographic Print
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  • vibrant and bright with a rainbow of stunning neon color
  • suggested frame ~ something nontraditional such as rainbow blue
  • also available as 17 x 22 stretched canvas print