Wall Art Sets

Wall art sets are a good way to establish a room theme. They can also be used to add depth and interest to an empty large wall space.

Most sets were created under the assumption they would be featured in unison on one wall. If you really admire a set but don't have one large wall space, who's to say you can't break it down and add some artistic flavor to the remaining three?...

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Metal Butterflies Wall Art

4 unique designed metal butterflies with gold highlights and other colorful butterfly colors light up a room with happiness.

metal butterfly wall art set of 4metal butterfly wall art set of 4
  • measures 19.2" high and 13" wide
  • two gold/green, one gold/blue, one gold/pink
  • quality metal wall art ~ one year warranty

Dragonfly and Butterfly Canvas Wall Art

Flowers and butterflies plus a couple dragonflies will transform any room into a garden haven.

dragon and butterfly canvas wall art set of 5dragon and butterfly canvas wall art set of 5
  • measures 31.5" inches high and 31.5" wide
  • canvas wall art with kiln dried and mitered wood construction- collage style
  • large collage style art perfect for large wall space ~ makes a fine butterfly gift set

Reflections Butterfly Wall Art

A set of four silver framed pictures featuring one of nature's most vibrant combinations.

reflections butterfly art prints in antique mirror frame ~ set of 4reflections butterfly art prints in antique mirror frame ~ set of 4
  • measures 17.75"H x 14.75"W
  • butterflies and flowers ~ elegant text at bottom
  • antique mirrored frames add class and elegance
  • quality glass and wood for lasting quality

Butterfly Prose Art by Ridgefield

These beautiful butterflies have something to say! This textured print adds depth and interest and would look great as featured kitchen wall art, living room wall art, or bathroom wall art. Also makes a fine butterfly gift set.

Butterfly Prose Wall Art Set of 2Butterfly Prose Wall Art
  • measures 36" H x 12"W
  • colorful butterflies with a background of elegant prose
  • fine giclee print on high quality canvas ~ bright tones